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How To Tell A Great StoryIn 7 Easy Steps, An Absolute Beginner To Storytelling Can Transform Plain Stories Into Great Stories.

Your Family and Friends Will Love, Admire and Cherish Your Stories -

Even If You Have Never Told A Story Before!



Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling using

How To Tell A Great Story



Dear Storyteller,

  • Are you an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to storytelling who would you like to discover storytelling techniques that experienced and professional storytellers use - methods that save time and help you tell a great story, not just another waste of time?

  • Have you been searching for a resource on how to tell a great story specifically for storytellers who are just starting out that makes learning storytelling techniques really easy? And explains everything using words that you understand, not some special storytelling jargon where you need to look up every single term?

Then read on ...


Are you ready right now to learn how to:

  • Start telling your own story in as little as 24 hours.

  • Construct a proper story from scratch.

  • Use the same basic storytelling techniques master storytellers use to amaze their family and friends.

  • Find interesting ideas for stories.

  • Never again leave out important bits of your stories.

  • Describe the characters and setting in your stories perfectly.

and so much more ...


You Will Learn How To Tell A Great Story,

And Much, Much More .... 100% Guaranteed!


If you're like me, when I decided to start storytelling, I had no idea how to begin. None of my friends were storytellers … nobody in my family indulged in this vocation. There were certainly no books to teach storytelling to a beginner like me. There was no easy way for me to learn storytelling.


I wanted a book that was easy to understand and that had step-by-step instructions specifically written for a beginner to storytelling.


I also wanted to learn how to tell stories to anyone – it did not have to be only to children or only to adults.


I spent hours looking for a “learn to tell stories” specifically for beginners; none was to be found. I bought the books on Amazon.com which other people recommended and found that they were so difficult, that I gave up half way. They gave so many alternatives to telling one story that I did know where to begin or where to end.


Tell A Great Story The Easy Way


You will tell your story with fun and ease by following the step-by-step, instructions in How To Tell A Great Story.


Did you know that there are a million little tips, tricks and secrets and storytelling techniques that storytellers whisper to each other, but don't always publish in their books?


This book is different; it reveals secrets and techniques that you need to make your story a great one.


How To Tell A Great Story is divided into 7 easy-to-follow steps, described in easy-to-understand language.


Each step is chock-full of tips and short cuts to make your learning easy and telling your first story fun. No holding back. Nothing is left out. When you finish your first stories, you will know the secrets of experienced and professional storytellers that many storytellers with years of experience don't know!


Once you have mastered the 7 Steps, you will be ready to try more difficult stories. This Guide shows you close to 45 different ways in which you can create different stories - taking your storytelling beyond your wildest dreams.


The storytelling techniques described in this resource will serve as a solid foundation for your storytelling legacy. This Guide describes how to organise your story, set a theme, understand how many characters there should be in your story and when you’re really proficient, we even encourage you to venture further to consider selling your stories. In our Bonus material, we even show you how to protect your copyright as a storyteller.


Here's a Hint of the Storytelling Guidelines You Get in
How To Tell A Great Story


STEP 1 - Vital Preparation To Help You Tell Your Great Story



Imagine this: you are standing in an empty room. You are an artist and would like to paint a picture. But, there are no canvas, no paints, no brushes and not even an easel. How are you possibly going to get that masterpiece of yours on canvas without even these basic items in hand?


Likewise, in storytelling, if you do not have some of the most basic equipment in hand, then how are you possibly going to tell that great story of yours?

Once you master this step, you will be prepared to tell a story at any time, INSTANTLY.


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 2 - Themes Of Your Great Story



The following is a conversation between an Advertising Executive and his Boss. The Boss has just completed going over the Executive's  masterpiece – a presentation for a client - from cover to cover.

Executive :  So, what did you think of the story I told?

Boss: Well, it’s quite long. I can see you’ve got an exotic setting and the adventures and so on. It’s even an interesting time period. But … what is it about?

Executive: What do you mean, ‘What is it about?

Boss: What is it about?

Executive :  Is it not clear from reading my work?

Boss: Errr … no.

[There’s absolute silence for the next two minutes as the Executive thinks of what to say. Then, … ]

Executive: I’ll think about it and let you know.

One of the tips revealed in this section are the set of over 45 different topics for your stories. When you complete this section, you will also know how to generate your own stories.


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 3 - The Reasons For Telling Your Great Story



Have you ever been in the following situation?


You are present when the person conducting the meeting is trying to relay a message by telling a story. Not only is the story deadly dull, you cannot but help ask the question, “Why is he telling me this?” Just as you complete this thought, you look down to stifle a yawn. When you look up, you know that this person has noted your boredom by the manner in which he avoids making eye-contact with you for the rest of the time. At the end of this session, you come to hear from the rest of your colleagues that they too were bored silly by this person’s presentation.

When you master this step, you will never waver from the focus of your story ... And no one will ever be bored when you tell a story.


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 4 - It's All About The People



Let’s take this example: you’re an executive in a corporation and need to make a presentation about the company’s newest product to potential investors. The product is a new line of perfumes which cater for women. You go out of your way to explain all of this and think that you can do convince your boss by telling a story.


You realise that you've failed in this when, at the end of your presentation, your boss says,

“I’m sorry, but I think you don't understand that the product applies to a woman, not a man,” [emphasis added].


With this step, from now on, you will ALWAYS describe your characters to perfection. The people you speak about will just come alive with the words you use to describe them ... EVERY SINGLE TIME.


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 5 - Paint Your Setting



Have you ever just wanted to converse with someone and find that you have nothing to say? Are your answers just monosyllabic ones? Would you like to be a more engaging conversationalist?


Here’s a very simple way in which you can do this. Read this paragraph and you’ll see just what I mean:

I am in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for someone to arrive. I begin to observe things around me. What I notice is this: The colours featured most in here are silver and blue because of the steel frames and the marble flooring. I know that one of the trees outside produces the jasmine flowers but I cannot smell them. All I hear are people speaking English but with a huge American accent. The taste of the coffee is strong as it is from one of the many ‘imported’ outlets like San Francisco Coffee or Coffee Bean. The air-conditioning must be set on "High" because I’m freezing!

From now on, you'll ALWAYS describe a place so well that your audience will feel like they've been there!


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 6 - Join The Dots



People often do not believe that the 'three act drama' in storytelling is used in business. Let me surprise you. Read the following passage.


[What is in black is usually the terms that marketing gurus use. What is in red is how the three act drama applies to the sales letter]

Part 1 - Act 1


Headline and Sub-headline –

these are intended to immediately capture the interest of your reader - the hero in this three act drama.


Introduce the problem - relate to the reader and explain product –

this is the part where the hero's main conflict and all that is at stake to him are stated.

... Do you understand why marketing gurus constantly say, "Only the long sales letter will work!" - that is simply because by setting out the long sales letter, you would have told a complete and compelling story of your product.

Believe me, this works!


How To Tell A Great StorySTEP 7 - It’s All A Matter Of Style



I once had a conversation with a gentleman that went something like this:

Mr. X: Let me tell you the story of Adam. His father, Steven was looking after him. He was really a very nice guy but was born with deformities.  He grew up in an unhappy home and his father used to abuse him. He ended up going to jail you know.

Now, I was confused. There were many thoughts going through my mind:

1.    Was Adam a nice guy but born with deformities?

2.    Was Steven a nice guy but born with deformities?

3.    Did Adam grow up in an unhappy home where Steven used to abuse him?

4.    Did Steven grow up in an unhappy home where Adam's grandfather abused Steven?

5.    And really, who ended up going to jail - the grandfather, Steven or Adam?


With this step you will learn to have your own style of storytelling which will appeal to your audience and engage them in your great story.


Here's what people are saying about

How To Tell A Great Story

Whether writing nonfiction or delivering a speech, stories make your point memorable. Audiences love stories.


Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual. http://ParaPublishing.com


Thank you so much ... I really appreciate it. I love your work and I am so happy that I bought it [How To Tell A Great Story (9th Edition)].


Enjoy your day!


Bouchard International
905-336-7676 -- phone
905-332-0344 -- fax


Whether you're a dentist, sales person, professional speaker, or corporate CEO... telling powerful, compelling stories will make you a people-magnet overnight!


I highly recommend her program!!"

- Len Foley, best-selling author of "Sales Without the Sucker Punch!"


Her section on character profiling is ... worth the price of the ebook ...


Rajen Devadason, CFP

CEO RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd and publisher of the free personal development ezine GET BETTER



Aneeta’s e-learning course on story telling certainly provides the ‘bolts and nuts ‘ of a very structured and practical platform on which one can build his/her own story telling skills. With this enhanced ability, one can certainly explore newer vistas of growth in one’s personal endeavours.


Sarjit Singh PhD

Professional Trainer/Story Teller



Wow, you're book really taught me a lot about the art of storytelling.


Michael Rasmussen
Free Advertising Forum



"The most detailed, logical, and literary analysis of how to create a memorable story yet. I was fascinated."


-- Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, www.mrfire.com



I'll help you decide what story to tell, based
on your hobbies, interests, and experience ...


... Then, I'll teach you how to tell the story well -- using
the SAME strategies I've used every single time.


I think it's important to point out that this is NOT a cookie cutter system.


Instead, my system carefully guides you through each step of building a story that you're passionate about...



Hello again,


How ready and immediate you are in answering; unusual in this day and age: I am delighted and thankful again. More than your readiness to answer was your readiness to help me. Although, I know nothing of your program, I'm beginning to know you and your willingness to satisfy a (another unusual feat today) customer.


… Please accept my sincerity when I say how grateful I am of the time and effort …


I can now see the massive amount of time and work to put the entire ebook - hands-on


Your satisfied customer,

Virginia Rester



You Have Our Money Back Guarantee


Because we are confident you will find immense value in this resource, we are offering it to you risk-free. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, just let us know and your entire payment will be refunded. Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.


No hassles. No hard feelings.


2 people have requested a refund thus far. One said that the book was more for 'fiction-writing'. The other admitted that the content was worthwhile whilst saying that he could get the stuff for free elsewhere. When I requested to know where, this person never replied. Still, to comply with the guarantee offered, I gave in to his requests but I knew that he had in no way maximised the potential  could derive from this ebook.


If you feel that you would like a refund then, within 60 days of purchasing How To Tell A Great Story, I will return your money to you.


How To Tell A Great Story


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I can't wait for you to write and tell me of your storytelling success.


Yours sincerely,

Aneeta Sundararaj



The End?


Not really!. It's just the beginning.



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How To Tell A Great Story

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