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Invading Spaces: the Warrior Way

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This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact the author [see below] for re-print rights.


The Power of Prayer


Hello, I am one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen, my name is water and my code is H2O.  The Hebrews call me Maya, and for the American Indians Maya means Illusion, for the East Indians, it means Divine creation. You have known me all your life; I’ve been the one who cradled you in your mother’s womb.  I bathe you, refresh you, and quench your thirst… I keep you alive. In my absence, you will die a painful death.  In reality, we are one. Most of you, is made up of me, and so is the earth. Both you and the earth are 80% me. We are all one.


I am available abundantly. I fall from the skies, and give life to all living beings. I make life and beauty possible for and through the flowers and trees. I am flexible; I can change easily from one state to another with a little help from my friend named fire.


 I am so thankful to my savior Dr. Masaru Emoto who was able to see through my illusion, and see through and within me and decode the hidden messages I can carry. Find him and read him, he will tell you that I can hear and feel you. My state of being is dependent on the thoughts you think. I cannot communicate with you, and I cannot form my own thoughts, you are higher than me in consciousness, capable of forming your own thoughts. I am only a vessel here for you, to serve you; I am capable of only carrying your thoughts.


You affect me; the waves of your thoughts go through me. If you think bad thoughts, it hurts me and makes me ugly. Please think nice thoughts all the time. Only then am I happy and able to serve you and do you good. Please don’t pollute me, keep me and the rest of the earth clean. You don’t want us to make you sick.


And remember, when we go through the winter solstice on 12-21-2012, my home, planet earth, and the rest of the solar system will alight to the center of our galaxy, pointing to an area unknown. This center is a source with possibilities unlimited.  If you pray with good thoughts, I will help you, and will pass along your beautiful messages to the rest of the earth, to my friend carbon and oxygen two, and they will pass it along to the skies and the stars, and the sun and the moons, and the galaxies and the Universe. All of us together will create something amazing and beautiful!

Carolena Sabah welcomes any comments or questions.