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Invading Spaces: the Warrior Way

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This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact the author [see below] for re-print rights.


Lunar Mystique


The moon was a symbol of adoration in pre-Christian ancient civilizations. People looked to the Moon as an object of worship, the Moon Goddess and the Sun were revered as Gods. It is quite commonly known that witches worshipped the Moon; this is true, although Wicca is a relatively new, modern term. The Old Religion dates back to when people worshiped the Sun and the Moon. It was from the time when Christianity started to take hold that such terms as Witch and Devil came into play. Moon worshipers were not devil worshipers or some out casted lunatics as they were labeled to be. In ancient times, before today’s popular religions, people looked out to nature as a guide to their ways and living, as paying respects and worshipping, the Goddess Moon and God sun, Earth Mother and Sky Father. These people were very much in tune with nature, observing and recording the celestial bodies and their effects on everyday life over many years.


The Moon was associated with the feminine hence the Goddess. In many paintings of the Virgin Mary, you will notice a crescent moon at her feet. Christianity which was and is predominately patriarchal introduced the worship of the Virgin Mary as a substitute to the Moon Goddesses, Artemis, Hecate, Diana, in order to help in the conversion of the Moon worshipers. The crescent moon at the feet of the Virgin Mary is said to represent the stamping out of the Moon religion. Those who did not obey, were burned at the stake and labeled as witches and devil worshipers to wan away the people from the Old Religion and moved them under the control of Christianity.


The word Month is a direct derivative from the word ‘Moon’. The passage of time, the calendar, was based on the cycles of the Moon. Our modern calendar is a knockoff of the ancient Lunar Calendar in which one Month (Moon) lasted from one New moon to the next and each quarter was one week long. There are 13 moon cycles in a typical year. These findings were based on years of observation. As well, the days of the week were named after the celestial body most visible to the naked eye; Sunday was Sun’s day, Monday was Moon day, Tuesday was Mars’s day, Wednesday for Mercury, Thursday was Jupiter’s day, Friday was Venus’s day and Saturday for Saturn.


It is common conversation talk to ask someone what their sign is, meaning, their Zodiac sign. What their really asking is only the Sun sign… in which constellation of stars the sun was in at the time of birth. Yet equally important, if not more, is our Moon sign. Few people are aware of their Moon signs and the equally important effect it has on them in addition to their Sun sign.


You can look at it this way, the Sun sign represents the outer characteristics of a person, how you deal with the world around you, your persona, the mask you show to the world. Whereas the Moon sign is representative of our inner world, our emotions, intuition, needs, responses, the mysterious part of a person. It wasn’t until I became aware of my moon sign that I started to understand myself better. Having the Sun, Leo, ruling my Sun sign, I always looked at myself as a typical Leo. Even still a double Leo, having my ascendant in Leo as well. I was often quite frustrated and perplexed at why I don’t always act or feel like a typical Leo. Well, the answer was in my Moon sing. My moon sign is the exact opposite of my Sun sign, none other than the Moon itself. I am a Moon child, hence my perplexity disappeared and my inner moody nature became clear to me. Being aware of this, I am able to be more aware and nurturing to my inner self and more accepting of my fluctuating inner nature.


Why are Cancerians labeled moody? The ruling heavenly body of Cancer is the Moon. With all its mysteries, the Moon is commonly associated with cycles, change, and rhythm. Within a period of one month, the Moon changes and passes through all of the 12 signs of the zodiac.


To determine your Moon sign, you will need to know the exact location and time of your birth. There are many online sites that will automatically determine your Moon sign given those informations. One site I recommend is If you are interested in astrology and often read about your Sun sign, I recommend you to take a look at your Moon sign. It might illuminate the mystery of your astrological profile.


Carolena Sabah welcomes any comments or questions.