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Invading Spaces: the Warrior Way

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This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact the author [see below] for re-print rights.


A Hunch or a Punch!


That thing that comes so subtly, leaves no traces, no footprints, no shadows, nor bruises,


Like the passing wind, in time, without a rendezvous.


Just a feeling, an indescribably, impalpable, untouchable, knowing.


But what is this? How is one to trust this wave, how to tune to it?


Why even bother?


My experience says it’s very simple. Take the layers off, the layers piled up on the heart, the mind, and on the soul.


Remove them one by one, with stillness, much like peeling a banana, or an artichoke!


And when you get to the core, there is all your knowingness.


And the rest is quite simple.


Either listen to the hunch, or take the punch!

Carolena Sabah welcomes any comments or questions.