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Invading Spaces: the Warrior Way

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This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact the author [see below] for re-print rights.


Only in Paris?


In the country of French fries and French kisses, of passionate love and lustful sex, there is a café. Inside at the bar are seated 4 men, each enjoying a glass of their favorite drink.


After their 2nd drink they start glancing at and greeting each other. Now they are feeling good and loose, their bloods are pumping, their cheeks are red and their faces happy. They start buying each other drinks, singing, dancing, hugging and joking around.


Guy number 1 asks, ‘Where are you guys from? I’m Armenian’ the other says, ‘I’m Turkish’ the other, ‘I’m German’ and the other, ‘I’m Jewish’.


Suddenly, the Armenian says in a panic ‘QUICKLY, Somebody hide the knives!!!’ and he cracks himself up laughing out loud.


The Turk says ‘Oh no, I’m not…’ as the Jew interrupts

‘Shit! I better start running for my life.’


Now everybody’s laughing.


The Turk continues ‘I’m not like that, I live here in Paris where it’s all about love, I don’t see people as a Turk or Armenian, or a Spaniard or this or that, I see them as people, we are all the same.’


‘Exactly’ says the Armenian, ‘of course we are all the same, how are we so different other than come from different parts of the world where they have different kinds of foods and speak a different language.’


The German says ‘YES! Of Course we are all the Same!’ and the Jew raises his glass ‘Here’s to brotherhood, to love.’

‘To Love!’ they all say, clinking their glasses together and finishing the last bits of their drink.


The French café owner in seeing all the love floating around these four men says tapping on the bar, ‘Next round is on the house!’


Carolena Sabah welcomes any comments or questions.