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Invading Spaces: the Warrior Way

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This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact the author [see below] for re-print rights.


The Red Rose (Part 1)



It was the summer of 86". My alarm sounded off, through the window I saw someone walk towards me from the woods. Green leaves covered the street, the wind blowing shifting the tress side to side. The distance to the unknown figure was far away. Curiously I walked towards the person, sensing a familiarity as he walked towards me.  The distance did not permit me to see the description of his face, though he seemed handsome, very attractive.  His presence was pulling me towards him. He brought his hand forward, I saw a single red rose with thorns on it. The alarm sounded off for a second time, it was then when I opened my eyes. The sun flowing through the window pierced my eyes, as I looked around my room, I saw nothing, nothing I had seen in my dream, no trees, no leaves, no wind, no handsome stranger, not even the beautiful red rose except the irritating clock showing 7:10 am.


I wondered why the alarm went off so late. I rushed out of bed and into the shower. Quickly I got dressed, took my books, my purse and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and there were my parents eating breakfast and drinking coffee. 


“Cindy, why don"t you eat something?”


“Mom when I eat in the morning then I get hungry every hour of the day, I don"t want to gain any weight, I"m late for school, gotta go mom"


“Bye Cindy” said my mom, my dad said nothing. I don"t know what"s wrong with him these couple of days. I opened the door of my house, situated on a hill a distance away from school. I had a long way to walk. To tell you the truth, my parents are crazy people, they always fight, but they love each other. My dad drinks every day, so does my mom although not every day. I was far enough from my house so I reached into my purse and lit up a cigarette.


We moved to Towrance Hills about two years ago so this was my third year at Calton High School. We moved here because my dad didn"t like where we were. Not that he didn"t like it, but he says life goes by fast, and all he did back there was work… he does work a lot.


I was already two blocks away from school.


“Hi Cindy”


"Hey Jonathan, how are you?"


"Fine, How are you Cindy, you don"t look so good, I mean, I sense you"re not feeling so well."


"I"m feeling ok I guess."


We talked and walked to school. Not many girls like to hang out with me because guys gravitate towards me and girls don"t like that.  So most of my friends are guys, they treat me like a lady, yet I"m just like one of the guys. My friends, I love them, they are not the type to talk behind anybody"s back. I saw my buddy Antonio sitting on the curb by the school. It was 8:15. The bell rang and he didn"t go to class so I decided to sit with him. Jonathan left for class. I know it"s horrible to go to school in the summer but I took some classes because I wanted to graduate earlier. So next year I"ll be taking classes only half the year. And after high school, I want to go live on my own, away from my parents. Antonio is Italian, really handsome, and cute. He"s not really tall, but he"s not short either. He"s perfect, but sometimes he can be a jackass.


"So Cindy, what are you gonna do on a Friday night?"


"Oh I don"t know, ask around see what"s going on."


"There"s a party tonight at my friends house, you wanna come?"


"Whose party is it?"


"Some guy, he graduated two years ago."


"Sure I'll come, what time will you pick me up?"


"Say around 8?"


"Sure, that's fine."


"How"s Gina? Haven"t seen her for a while"


"Oh she"s fine!"


Gina's one of my girl friends, she's the only girl whose really close to me.


"I'll ask her if she wants to go to the party.  Are you going to second period?"


Says Antonio, "yea, I have to, to pass the class."


There was ten minutes to the bell and Antonio asked me, "Don't you want a boyfriend Cindy?"


"No, they're trouble, just like they say, men, you can't live with them, you can't live without them. Come on, let's go to class, the bells gonna ring."


We started walking towards school. The bell had already rang, so when we entered the room, all eyes were on us. There was a rumor going around that Antonio and I were going out together.  We are close friends, but it's hard trying to convince a bunch of people the truth. I sat behind Gina. "Hi Gina" I whispered.  Whispering back, "Hi Cindy, where were you?" the teacher started


"Good morning class, please pass in your homework and open to page 92."


He started lecturing on the chapter and I started writing a letter to Gina.


"Dear Gina: Hi sweets, how are you? I'm fine I guess, I got to school late so I sat outside talking to Antonio. There's a party tonight, he's going to pick me up at 8, so we'll pick you up at 8:30, you better come. I'm going to wear my green dress, the one I bought last weekend, with the turtle neck and open back, skin tight and just above my knees.  Write me back


Cindy Cartel"


I passed it to her she opened it and read it. The teacher was still lecturing he gave us some work to do which had to be turned in by the end of the class. The class was almost over, we turned our papers in and by that time, the bell had already rang. We walked outside it was Gina, Antonio, Mel and I.  Mel's a real sweet guy.  We talked and decided to go to Gina's house. We all got into Mel's car, Antonio and I lit a cigarette and we left for Gina's house. I always daydream, especially when I'm in a car. Finally we got to Gina's house and her parents weren't home, they were at work. Mel parked the car and we headed inside. We sat in the living room, Antonio was on the couch facing me, Mel sat next to him and Gina went to make us drinks.


"What do you want Cindy?"


"Whatever you have"


"How about you Mel?"


"Anything, I don't care."


Antonio is really cute, he has hazel green eyes, he's hair is dark brown. I'm kind of attracted to him. Though I don't know if he likes me or not, I know he likes me, we're buddies but lately we haven't been that close with each other, I feel like something is different, I guess it's because I'm starting to like him.  Mel was talking to Antonio about his mustang that he had sold. Gina brought us our drinks and sat down by us.


"Where's Steve? I haven't seen him for a while" said Gina.


"Ya, where is he?" I said.


Steve is Antonio's best friend. He's a really cool guy.


"Oh he's around he's just working all the time. He'll be at the party tonight."


Antonio had been acting very strange lately, he wasn't the Antonio I knew.  I went to Gina's room with my cigarette and called him.


"What do you want Cindy?"


"I need to talk to you.  What's been the matter with you these days?"


"Nothing why?"


"Cause you're acting awfully weird!"


"What do you mean?"


"You're always exhausted, your eyes are red and you don't give a shit about anything anymore."


He stood in silence.


"I hope you're not doing what I think you are" I said.


"Oh…. Come off it!"


"No, I'm serious"


"You know what? It's none of your businesses."


He stormed out of the room madly and shut the door.  He shut it so hard that even I was shaking.  I sat there thinking, maybe he has problems, but I don't know. I heard a knock on the door.


"Who is it?"


To be continued ...


Carolena Sabah welcomes any comments or questions.